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Do you not need a password to access a truststore (made with the java keytool)?

I just created a truststore with the java keytool (for server authentication of a server that does not have a CA cert). However I just noticed something strange. I am starting my client like this:

java<PATHSTUFF>/client.keystore -classpath <STUFF> Client

(Note: there is NOT a password specified)

The above call works.

However when I try this:

java -classpath <STUFF> Client

It does not work. (Obviously it does not work it requires the truststore).

I was expecting to need to pass in this option (but I did not):

Question: Do you not need a password to access a truststore? Is the password just for modification? What about a keystore?


  • The password is used to protect the integrity of a keystore. if you don't provide any store password, you can still read the contents of the keystore. The command keytool -list demonstrates this behavior (use it with an empty password).