Still a future (and a present) for 6502, VIC and SID?

As a derivative of my previous curiosity question I had a followup curiosity. Is there a future and/or an application for the 6502, the VIC and the SID chips ? I know they are still produced, and used. For example, I remember the 6502 makes a perfect controller chip for small appliances. the SID for sure is still present in some "retro" sound synthesizer, although my guess is that it's just emulated. What about the VIC ?

Community wiki question as there's no correct answer.


  • I would think their future is limited. I don't know what kind of quantities are still being produced but you have to figure even the 486 is probably being produced in far greater quantities than the 6502. So even though the 486 might be overkill for some applications its availability determines its price thus making it more attractive to device manufacturers.

    Then, as you say, the functionality of the 6502, VIC, and SID chips are easily emulated these days--even in software. So that might drive the demand for those chips down since its probably cheaper to emulate.