how to uninstall MinGW and make cygwin 'make' as deafult make program with gcc 3.8.1

  1. How to uninstall MinGW?

I have installed it for some software but now I don't use that software at all and so I need to remove the MinGW in order to use Cygwin for android development.

  1. How to set the Cygwin 'make' file as default with GCC 3.8.1?

I am on windows 7 64-bit


  • Answer 1:

    1. if you have used an installer, uninstall it through program manager
    2. Remove your MinGW folder (eg. C:/MinGW)
    3. Make sure there's no MinGW path left in PATH environment variable

    If you haven't used an installer, you can skip 1., but if you have, you should check 2. and 3. manually.

    Answer 2:

    Do you use an IDE? If yes you can specify your make / gcc there. You can set an absolute path to the correct program too.