File Uri Scheme and Relative Files

Assume that the scheme for a uri is "file". Also assume that the path starts with '.'

An example path is './.bashrc'. How would the fulluri look? 'file://./.bashrc' appears odd to me.


  • In short, a file URL takes the form of:

    file://localhost/absolute/path/to/file [ok]

    or you can omit the host (but not the slash):

    file:///absolute/path/to/file [ok]

    but not this:

    file://file_at_current_dir [no way]

    nor this:

    file://./file_at_current_dir [no way]

    I just confirmed that via Python's urllib2.urlopen()

    More detail from

    "file:///foo.txt" is okay, while "file://foo.txt" is not,
    although some interpreters manage to handle the latter