sql server invalid object name - but tables are listed in SSMS tables list

I am attempting to create a Stored Procedure for a newly created database. However the SSMS intellisense does not recognize more than half of the tables which have been created.

For example whilst in the left hand column under tables I have a table dbo.Room, when I type "dbo." in the new query window, that table is not listed, in fact only 17 out of 37 tables are listed.

I can see no difference between the tables listed by intellisense and those not. If I manually type dbo.Room, it is underlined, with an error of

Invalid Object Name 'dbo.Room'..

Have I missed something in setting up the tables?

UPDATE: I have tried refresh of the tables list (several times)


  • Try:

    Edit -> IntelliSense -> Refresh Local Cache or use the hotkey CTRL+SHIFT+R

    This should refresh the data cached by Intellisense to provide typeahead support and pre-execution error detection.

    NOTE: Your cursor must be in the query editor for the IntelliSense menu to be visible.

    SSMS Menu Entry: Edit - Intellisense - Refresh Local Cache