On emacs, I can't jump to tags in GTAGS SELECT buffer

On emacs, I can't jump to tags in GTAGS SELECT buffer. I get "Buffer is read-only: <buffer *GTAGS SELECT*>" error when I press return.

  • Mac OS X 10.8.1
  • Emacs 24.2
  • gtags GNU GLOBAL 6.2.4 (installed by homebrew)
  • gtags.el 3.3 (installed by package.el)

"C-h k <return>" in GTAGS SELECT buffer showed the following message:

RET (translated from <return>) runs the command newline, which is an
interactive compiled Lisp function in `simple.el'.

It is bound to RET.

(newline &optional ARG)

Insert a newline, and move to left margin of the new line if it's blank.
If `use-hard-newlines' is non-nil, the newline is marked with the
text-property `hard'.
With ARG, insert that many newlines.
Call `auto-fill-function' if the current column number is greater
than the value of `fill-column' and ARG is nil.


  • I don't use GNU global, however a quick google search hints that downgrading the gtags.el to an older version might help: http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/help-global/2011-12/msg00003.html

    EDIT: (cannot add comment to first post so editing here)

    as Arne said, the RET key is not bound correctly for some reason. For gtags-select-mode RET should be bound to (gtags-select-tag) instead.