Javascript parser for simple expression

I would like to find a javascript parser that can handle and evaluate simple expressions. The parser should be able to evaluate the regular mathematical expressions, and support custom functions with parameters. It also has to support strings handling. String concatenation with || operator support is preferred, but it is okay if + will do the trick.

Examples of an expression that should be handled by the parser:

3 * (2 + 1) - 1

2 * func(2, 2)

func('hello world', 0, 5) || ' you'

Has anyone implemented such a thing or where can I find something similar?


  • I have a modified version of an ActionScript parser (written in AS, not parses AS) that supports custom functions, but not strings. It would probably be easy to add string support though. I'll upload it somewhere so you can get it at

    Edit: I added basic support for strings pretty easily. It doesn't support escape sequences and toJSFunction doesn't work, but it only took a few minutes to get it working. Changing the concatenation operator to "||" should be pretty easy too.

    Here's how you would evaluate your example expressions:

    js> var parser = new Parser();
    js> parser.parse("3 * (2 + 1) - 1").evaluate();
    js> parser.parse("2 * func(2; 2)").evaluate({ func:Math.pow });
    js> function substr(s, start, end) { return s.substring(start, end); }
    js> parser.parse("func('hello world'; 0; 5) + ' you'").evaluate({ func:substr });
    hello you

    I don't remember why I used semicolons as argument separators; I think it has something to do with differentiating between functions and built-in "operator" functions.

    Another edit:

    I've been playing with this a little, and now there's a version with better string support at (toJSFunction works, and you can use standard JavaScript escape sequences). It also uses commas to separate arguments for all functions and || as the string concatenation operator instead of +, which only does addition.