Communicating between classes iOS NSObject and UIViewController

I have two classes, a class1 which is an NSObject and a class2 which is a UIViewController... From the UIViewController I sent something to class1 to get it to do an action:

[class1 doVoidAction];

and in class1 I have:

-(void)doVoidAction{ blah blah blah }

That worked fine... but after it's done doing the void action I need it to send something back to the view controller to do something over there now... So I tried the same method, including the .h files, saying @class class2; I did this whole deal:

@interface class1 : NSObject  {
    class2 *class2;

And in class2 I have in the .h file -(void)action2; and in the .m I have -(void)action2{ blah blah blah }

But for whatever reason they do not seem to want to communicate back that way! normally I would just hook up things int he xib file and do that but since class1 is an NSObject I can't use IBOutlet and hook up things in the xib file, to my knowledge at least.

What do I do?


  • You could change your method to be something like:

    -(void)doVoidActionFor:(UIViewController *)controller { blah blah blah }

    You would call it as:

    [class1 doVoidActionFor:self];

    And the last 'blah' would be:

    [controller action2];