How do I update a SQL row given an ID with LINQ to SQL?

Given this schema:

 - FruitID       INT PK
 - FruitName     NVARCHAR(30)
 - FruitStatusID INT NULL FK: Statuses

 - StatusID      INT PK
 - StatusName    NVARCHAR(30)

If I have a FruitID in hand (just an int, not a Fruit object), how do I update the FruitName and null out FruitStatusID without loading the Fruit object from the database first?

Note: this solution gets me pretty far, but I can't figure out how to null out a FK column.

Answers in C# or VB, thanks!


  • This works but seems unnecessarily complicated:

    ''//initialize the values I'm going to null out to something
    Dim Tag As Data_Tag = New Data_Tag() With {
      .Data_Tag_ID = DataTagID, 
      .Last_Error_DateTime = New DateTime(), 
      .Last_Error_Message = "", 
      .Last_Error_Severity_Type_ID = -1 }
    ''//start change tracking
    ''//record changes to these properties (must be initialized above)
    Tag.Last_Error_DateTime = Nothing
    Tag.Last_Error_Message = Nothing
    Tag.Last_Error_Severity_Type_ID = Nothing

    Surely there's a better way!

    (note: the weird comment syntax is solely for the code highliger--it doesn't like VB-style comments)