Javascript effect works in "Incognito mode" only (Chrome)

I'm experiencing a very weird Javascript bug in Chrome.

I've made a website for a client in which the site's background images change as you scroll down. In addition, there's a subtle cross-fade effect between the previous background image and the next one.

Everything works fine in most recent browsers, except for Chrome. Weirder than that: in works in Chrome's incognito mode, but not in the "standard"/initial mode of Chrome. My first reflex was of course to delete all of the browser's data and restart Chrome, but this strangely doesn't fix the problem.

Here is the site's URL: [ link removed by author ]

Thank you for your time.


  • Since you already cleared the data, I would guess its because of some extensions that prevent your script from running. In incognito mode, all of them are disabled and your script works.

    And further your site works at our end on chrome, so its for sure some addon.