What is The Turkey Test?

I came across the word 'The Turkey Test' while learning about code testing. I don't know really what it means.

What is Turkey Test? Why is it called so?


  • The Turkey problem is related to software internationalization or simply to its misbehavior in various language cultures.

    In various countries there are different standards, for example for writing dates (14.04.2008 in Turkey and 4/14/2008 in US), numbers (i.e. 123,45 in Poland and 123.45 in USA) and rules about character uppercasing (like in Turkey with letters i, I and ı).

    As Jeff Moser pointed below one such problem was pointed out by a Turkish user who found a bug in the ToUpper() function. There are more details in comments below.

    However the problem is not limited to Turkey and to string conversions.

    For example, in Poland and many other countries, dates and numbers are also written in a different manner.

    Some links from a Google search for the Turkey Test :