How to use sbt plugin for a subproject in multi build prjoect

I have a Scala project that is dependent on a Java project(child project). My project structure is : enter image description here

I am using GitLab to download some depedency jars for my project and I am using GitlabPlugin.

My build.sbt:

 lazy val root = Project("root-proj", file(".")).dependsOn(childProj)
    lazy val childProj = Project("child", file("child")).settings(
      libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
        "org.jdom" % "jdom" % "1.1.3",
        "commons-lang" % "commons-lang" % "2.6",
        "junit" % "junit" % "4.12" % Test,
        "com.novocode" % "junit-interface" % "0.11" % Test
      Compile / compile / javacOptions += "-g",
      Compile / packageDoc / mappings := Seq()
    ThisBuild / useCoursier := false
    import com.gilcloud.sbt.gitlab.{GitlabCredentials, GitlabPlugin}
    GitlabPlugin.autoImport.gitlabDomain := ""
    GitlabPlugin.autoImport.gitlabCredentials := {
    sys.env.get("CI_JOB_TOKEN") match {
    // Gitlab CI pipeline
    case Some(t) =>
      Some(GitlabCredentials("Job-Token", t))
    // local machine
    case None =>
      val c = Credentials
        .loadCredentials(Path.userHome / ".sbt" / ".credentials.gitlab")
        .map(s => new IllegalArgumentException(s))

My plugins.sbt has this line: addSbtPlugin("com.gilcloud" % "sbt-gitlab" % "0.1.2")

I am able to build the root project successfully if it is not dependent on Child project by commenting .dependsOn(childProj) and childProj variable.

But if use the Child project to build, I get the following errors:

[error] stack trace is suppressed; run 'last child / headerAuthHandler' for the full output
[error] stack trace is suppressed; run 'last ssExtractDependencies' for the full output
[error] stack trace is suppressed; run 'last child / ssExtractDependencies' for the full output
[error] (child / headerAuthHandler) java.util.NoSuchElementException: None.get
[error] (ssExtractDependencies) java.util.NoSuchElementException: None.get
[error] (child / ssExtractDependencies) java.util.NoSuchElementException: None.get

This works fine If I run using GitLab pipeline, the issue is while trying to build locally using IntelliJ.

How do I tell my child project to use GitlabPlugin and use all GitlabPlugin statements? I tried using Project("child", file("child")).enablePlugins(GitlabPlugin).settings(... but still the same issue.


  • I added the line

    credentials += Credentials(Path.userHome / ".sbt" / ".credentials.gitlab")

    to my child project settings and it started working. This may be specific to sbt-gitlab plugin.