Passing Variable to Forloop in Liquid/Jekyll

I'm looking to create an html fragment in liquid/jekyll for the purposes of re-use across different areas. I'm able to pass data successfully from the parent html into the child fragment, but unable to figure out how to access passed variables within a forloop in the child.


  {% assign section = 'work' %}
  {% include child.html %}

child.html (fragment):

    {{ section }} <!-- prints 'work' as expected -->
    {% for scene in[page.title].{{ section }}-scenes %} 

      <!-- this is not executed --> 
      <!-- note: also tried using bracket notation to access "section" in the above loop --> 

      {% for image in scene.TopLeft %}
        <img id="top-left-{{ section }}" src="img/{{ section }}/top-left.svg" />   
      {% endfor %}
    {% endfor %}

The forloop isn't executed because I'm not able to pass section = 'work' to create a forloop such as: {% for scene in[page.title].work-scenes %}.

How can I pass the section variable into the forloop in liquid/jekyll?


  • You can either

    {% assign section = 'work-scenes' %}

    and then use

    {% for scene in for scene in[page.title][section] %}

    or, if you must not alter the scene variable, create a new variable instead

    {% assign sectionscenes = section | append: "-scenes" %}

    and then use

    {% for scene in for scene in[page.title][sectionscenes] %}

    Ie, create a variable that holds the complete name of your property in the data. This also works across different files, because an {% include %} more or less just replaces the statement with the content of the file.