How can I make terminal prompt on jquery terminal save in local storage?

Im trying to find a way that when you try this command:

custprmt: function(pstr, ifbold) {

if(ifbold === '-makebold') {
     localStorage.setItem('myNEWprompt', pstr);
this.set_prompt('[[b;var;]' + pstr +' ')

else  {
             localStorage.setItem('myNEWprompt', pstr);
       this.set_prompt(pstr +' ')


It will make a custom prompt based off what the user types, and save it to local storage. Then by using this code:

$(document).ready(function () {
   if (myNEWprompt) {
       } else {
        set_prompt('guest$ ')

It will load the custom prompt on page load. My issue is that the second set of code isnt loading the prompt that is saved. I feel like it might be because of the set_prompt but im not sure, ive tried this.set_prompt and prompt: but none works. Im not really sure what to do anymore, and I dont know if its even possible, so please help, your assistance will be much appreciated :)


  • It looks like you want to have command with options. There is helper methods for that $.terminal.parse_options().

    You're code can look like this:

      custprmt(...args) {
        const options = $.terminal.parse_options(args);
        if (options._.length !== 1) {
          this.error('Usage: custprmt prompt [options]');
        } else {
          let prompt = options._[0];
          if (options.makebold) {
            prompt = '[[b;white;]' + prompt + ']';
          localStorage.setItem('myNEWprompt', prompt);
    }, {
        checkArity: false,
        greetings: false,
        completion: true,
        prompt: localStorage.getItem('myNEWprompt') ?? 'guest$ '

    but note that options with long names require a double dash. So you need to type:

    custprmt "hello> " --makebold

    Quotes for the prompt are needed if you want to have a space after the prompt.

    Here is a working demo.

    When you parse options you have a similar syntax to Yargs.

    You have an object with each option as a field if the option is a flag it has a true or false value or if it's an option with an argument it has a string as a value. In case of a boolean option like in your case you can use a second argument to indicate that the option is boolean so it can be used before the normal argument.


    $.terminal.parse_options(args, {boolean: ["makebold"]});

    When using this you can have a command that looks like this:

    custprmt --makebold "hello> "

    And the output will be the same, the makebold option will be a boolean flag.