How do I get Azure DevOps to build debug AND release DLLs?

We script EntityFramework Core migrations as part of our Azure DevOps build pipelines. (The corresponding release pipeline then executes the migrations.) Our build pipelines reuse a single Task Group. Within that Task Group, we create the migrations using a PowerShell task:

if (("$(filePathToProjFolder)" -ne "-") -and ("$(dbcontexts)" -ne "-"))
  dotnet tool install --global dotnet-ef
  $dbcontexts = "$(dbcontexts)" -split "\|"
  foreach ($dbcontext in $dbcontexts)
    dotnet ef migrations script -i -o $(build.artifactstagingdirectory)\migrations-$dbcontext.sql --project $(filePathToProjFolder) --context $dbcontext --no-build

One pipeline works just fine, but the other in particular results in an error:

The specified deps.json
[C:\agents\dev\_work\237\s\<projectName>\bin\Debug\net8.0\<projectName>.deps.json] does not exist

Verbose logging has confirmed that the working build pipeline generates both the Release and Debug DLLs, but the failing build pipeline only generates the Release DLLs.

  1. Can I force the migrations script to use the Release DLLs instead?
  2. Why does the working pipeline generate both sets of DLLs?
  3. How can I force the failing pipeline to generate both?

The build pipelines are Classic Pipelines, not YAML, but the corresponding YAML for the build task is:

- task: DotNetCoreCLI@2
  displayName: 'dotnet build'
    projects: '**/*.csproj'
    arguments: '--configuration $(BuildConfiguration) --no-restore'


  • Turns out the cause was the --no-build parameter at the tail end of my dotnet ef migrations script command. Removing that parameter resolved the problem.