(Python) Error with printing a specific item from a list, based on user input?

I have a list of years (ranging from 2023 to 1956), and another list of numbers corresponding to each year (2023 -> 1, 2022 -> 5, etc). What I want to do is ask the user to input a certain year, then print the number corresponding to that year. I used a piece of code from this thread, slightly adjusted to fit the lists and data that I have;

inputyear = input("Data?")
for i in range (len(host)):
    if host[i][0] == inputyear: 
     print(inputyear, str(host[i]))

("host" is the list of numbers, btw)

However, when I run this, I get an error stating that "'int' object is not callable," even though neither inputyear nor input are (as far as I can tell) integers, and the code seemed to work for the people in aforementioned question thread.

What am I doing wrong here, and how do I fix it?

Thanks in advance for the help.


  • Referencing the noted issue link and making an assumption about the structure of your "host" list (aka using some artistic license), following is a refactored version of your code with a subset list which seemed to provide the desired output.

    host = [('2023', '1'), ('2022', '5')]   # Assumed structure of list
    inputyear = input("Data? ")
    for i in range (len(host)):
        if host[i][0] == inputyear: 
         print(inputyear, str(host[i][1]))  # Added second element

    The key elements are the structure of the list which is a "year/number" pair and the addition of selecting the second data element within the "str" call.

    Following was the terminal output of a quick test referencing the year "2022".

    craig@Vera:~/Python_Programs/Year$ python3 
    Data? 2022
    2022 5

    See if that addresses your requirements.