How can i get a to run when a pull request is made and when the is located in a git submodule

Kia Ora all,

#this is my first ever poast after using StackOverflow so many times. #im wokring in Azure devops pipelines, Visual studio, using git.

Im working on a project with many repositories, one of those repositories will house my

and each other repository will have the " repository" as a submodule.

so i can edit the and the other repositories should inherit the changes.

i know that git will automatically run a file if the name is in the root... but what about if is in a git submodule

HOW can I get to run on a Pull request when it is located in a submodule of the repo being pulled.

Edit: as mentioned by Bright Ran-MSFT i cannot find the ability in ADO to do this, however i am trying to apply Hooks to get git to get PULL_REQUEST_FILE from the submodule. will update if this works.



  • In Azure DevOps, on the Pull Request page, there is no method to let the submodule files also be listed.

    However, when the Pull Request triggers a build pipeline, on the checkout task, you can set to check out the submodules together.