Not allowing encrypted password

I am using Smartpool library for oracle database connection pooling. I can only see the option to provide database information in xml config file in plain text including password. Which is not a good practice. I want password to be stored in encrypted format instead plain text. I can't find way to store encrypted password using Smartpool library. Can someone help me to handle this situation or suggest for alternate solution?


  • After struggling a lot, I fixed in following ways:

    When I looked into history, it's development was discontinued. There was no other way to fix and it's source code was also not available. I had to do some reverse engineering with Java De-compiler. Created my own class and inherited the existing, added the needed functionality to support encryption and compiled using the same JDK version. This solution worked for me.

    So, the final answer of this question is, any change in smartpool lib you have to do your own because there is no active development for this library. Thanks.