WSDL file with undefined namespaces "ns1" and "xs"?

Still pretty new to SOAP and WSDL, but I have I think a couple simple questions. I'm seeing sections like below in a WSDL file I'm using, but the namespace ns1 isn't defined anywhere? The element GetTransmissionSummary is defined, but without the prefix ns1. So I'm not really sure why ns1 is there and/or where it's defined? I know some prefixes like tns have a special meaning, but I can't find one for ns1.

<wsdl:message name="GetTransmissionSummary">
  <wsdl:part element="ns1:GetTransmissionSummary" name="parameters"> </wsdl:part>

Also, in the <wsdl:types> section, all of the elements have the prefix xs which is pretty standard in WSDL files. (<xs:element name="GetTransmissionSummary">) But, like above, I don't see the namespace xs defined anywhere. I also see import statements without a schemaLocation such as <xs:import namespace="http://api.spp.org/schema/settlements/CommonReportSchema/v3"/>, and I don't understand the purpose of such a statement. The WSDL file works fine in SoapUI and zeep though so it's not a broken file. Can anyone explain what is going on with this? Thanks!


  • OK this is really dumb. I was viewing the WSDL file in Firefox and for reasons that escape me it does not show namespace definitions there. When I open the file in VS Code or anywhere else, I can see them, and it all makes sense now.