can't set cookie in custom local domain

I setting cookie using FastApi

response.set_cookie(key="rf_t", value=access_token, httponly=False, expires=120)

And its works perfect on "localhost:<any_port>" local domain

but I need subdomains and cross subdomain cookies so I found out you can change hosts file at \Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts

and created couple of domains with subdomains like so: shop.localhost
  • and cookie doesn't set for all of them, JSON responses come from server, but cookie doesn't set, it only sets when I'm using basic localhost domain

im using vue 3 vite on front, and setting dev domain and port in vite.config.js like so

server: {
    port: 5000,
    host: "shop.localhost"

I guess it has something to do with chrome policy, because its not https, but is there any way I can use local subdomains, and be able to set cross cookies (or any cookies) for them?

Thanks you a lot my fellow developers!


  • Setting api server host to the same local domain ( as front (, made it work! shout-out to @Chris

    For further details, please have a look at the following answers:

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