Unable to install app on Xcode 15 - Failed to verify code signature

The installation of my app was working fine before, and literally nothing changed when I tried to run it on my device, but I'm getting the following error when trying to install (iOS 17.1.1, Xcode 15.0.1):

"Unable to install {app name}"

Failed to verify code signature of {path name} (a valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found).

Verify that the Developer App certificate for your account is trusted on your device. Open Settings on the device and navigate to General -> VPN & Device Management, then select your Developer App certificate to trust it.

Problem is, I can't grant that permission under General -> VPN & Device Management, nothing of the sorts shows up there.

I was searching for 30 minutes before finding a solution, so posting here in case it is useful to some folks!


  • This Apple forum post covers the same issue. Some quotes:

    Not quite show how I fixed it. But by some combination of deleting derived data, restarting my phone, and reinstalling Xcode 15 release candidate it now work.

    Had to remove the app completly from the device -> "Touch and hold the app icon on the Home Screen, ... tap Delete App".

    Clean install worked for me.