How to Set Up '301 redirect' from '/collections/all' to '/collections/all/shop-all' on Shopify?

I'm just tryin' to set up a link as the '301 method', tryin' to redirect from '/collections/all' to '/collections/all/shop-all' on Shopify, where when I click from the 'Shop' button, it needs me to redirect directly to the page '/collections/all/shop-all' (while the other one '/collections/all' doesn't need to work anymore) but I think Shopify don't allows to do that.

Is that possible to do that? (I know you can do directly from any of .liquid with HTML5, JS or Liquid).

Plz let me know at the comments, I really appreciated!

Trying to redirect from '/collections/all' to '/collections/all/shop-all' on Shopify applying the '301 method'


  • If you mean creating a redirect on /collections/all through Shopify backend you can't according to their help center. This is because it is a reserved path

    To this date, the following prefixes cannot be redirected: /apps, /application, /cart, /carts, /orders, /shop, or /services

    and neither the following paths: /products, /collections, /collections/all