In VS Code, when using CMake to generate Makefiles, do I need the Makefile Tools extension if I have the CMake Tools extension?

Do I still need to use the makefile tool after using the cmake tool in vscode? When using stm32cubemx to automatically generate a project, the makefile file will be generated in the root directory.

I have tried to use makefile tools directly in vscode, but I feel that the configuration is very messy. Does the makefile tool automatically configure cmake tools? Cube is a directly and automatically generated makeflie. I know the relationship between cmakelist and makefile very well.


  • For practical purposes, no. If you're using CMake to generate Makefiles, you don't need Makefile Tools. CMake Tools should be sufficient.

    If you already have a Makefile through other means, unless some other part of your build requires CMake (such a dependency that uses CMake), there's no need to involve CMake at all.