Make dynamic INSERT inside function more readable

I have a user defined Postgres function that does dynamic INSERT. Code is unreadable and it's quite hard to modify it due to string escapes. Is there a way to make it look better?

Here is my code, some parts omitted for brevity:

    -- some code

    -- escape nightmare for teammates goes here

EXECUTE 'INSERT INTO ' || _table || E'(col1, col2, col3)  VALUES (\'' || _col1 ||
                E'\', \'' || _col2 || E'\''||  E', \'' || _col3::text ||E'\') ON CONFLICT DO NOTHING RETURNING code' INTO _code;

    -- more code

Is there a way to simplify things like E'\', \''?


  • Use format(), like Richard already instructed. That's not only more readable, it also fixes the glaring SQL injection problem of your original.

    What's more, don't concatenate values at all. Pass them as values with the USING clause:

    EXECUTE format(
       'INSERT INTO %I (col1,col2,col3) VALUES ($1,$2,$3)
        RETURNING code', _table)
    INTO  _code
    USING _col1, _col2, _col3::text;  -- do you need to cast?

    To be sure, use a schema-qualified table name - which cannot be passed as single identifier like in the above code. Schema and table name have to be quoted separately. See:

    And be sure to understand and use dollar-quoting: