How do I mark a homebrew tap cask formulae as updated?

I have a homebrew cask that downloads and installs a pre-built pkg.

cask "mypkg" do
  version ""
  sha256 "4b928d..."

  url "https://location/my.pkg",

  name "mytestpkg"
  desc "My Test Pkg"

  pkg "#{version}-My-Test-Package.pkg"

  uninstall pkgutil: "my.pkg"


Recently I applied a bump and updated the version and sha. I tried running brew upgrade but no update / change was detected.

but the only way to get the update was to

  • uninstall the cask
  • uninstall the tap
  • install the tap
  • install the cask

Is there a way that a cask or tap can be marked as upgraded?


  • If you run brew update before brew upgrade then homebrew will detect the formulae has changed in the repo.