Embed Node Red into existing angular application

We are planning to use Node Red as low code platform for creating workflows in our application. For that, we require that the Node-Red editor run inside our application, which customers of our app will use to create workflows for them.

I have checked one page in Node-Red docs: "Embedding into an existing app" but this is for express js. I am looking for an approach in which I can use node-red editor in a component and display it to the user.


  • No, the only way to embed the editor is as an iframe, it is not packaged as a component.

    You will also need to run a separate instance of Node-RED for each user as Node-RED is not multi-tenant.

    There are systems to manage instances to create a true multiuser/multi-tenant environment e.g. FlowFuse (full disclosure I work for FlowFuse)