Convert a Java array into a Clojure list or sequence?

How do I convert a Java array into a Clojure sequence data structure, such as a list, or other sequence?

This question shows how to do the inverse; The Clojure docs show how to create, mutate, and read arrays; but is there a built-in way to convert them to lists, or some other Clojure-native sequence?


  • @jpaugh is right: Usually a seq is all that you need. Many clojure collection functions work on many different structures, including seqs. If you need other collection types, though, you can often use into:

    (def java-array (long-array (range 3)))
    (into () java-array) ;=> (2 1 0)
    (into [] java-array) ;=> [0 1 2]

    Note that using into to create a list reverses the input order.

    One can often use Java arrays as if they were Clojure collections. I recommend just pretending that an array is a collection in some test code at a REPL, and see what happens. Usually it works. For example:

    (nth java-array 1) ;=> 1

    @jpaugh's answer provides another illustration.