UndefVarError With Julia TidierData Package

I am trying to use the TidierData package in Julia. I have imported the correct packages, but when I try to run one of the macros (such as @glimpse), I get the error "LoadError: UndefVarError: @glimpse not defined". Am I missing something?

Here's a MWE:

using DataFrames
using TidierData
df = DataFrame(a=1:4, b=["M", "F", "F", "M"])

I have tried to wrap the @glimpse call in a chain thinking this would solve the issue, but I have not had success.

For example,

@chain df begin

gives the exact same error.


  • The problem was that I had a previous version of TidierData installed on my computer which did not have @glimpse(). By checking Pkg.status() I found out that the version installed is v0.10.0. By typing ] up [email protected] in the REPL, my package version was updated. Now, running my MWE gives the following output:

    4×2 DataFrame
     Row │ a      b      
         │ Int64  String
       1 │     1  M
       2 │     2  F
       3 │     3  F
       4 │     4  M
    Rows: 4
    Columns: 2
    .a             Int64          1, 2, 3, 4
    .b             String         M, F, F, M