How to test equality of a decimal with stretchr/testify?

I'm having trouble running a unit test to check if a decimal value is what I've expected. This is what I've tried:

func Test_example(t *testing.T) {
    t.Run("test if two decimals are equal", func(t *testing.T) {
        sum_amount := decimal.NewFromFloat(1000.00)
        require.Equal(t, decimal.NewFromFloat32(6000.00), sum_amount))

As you can see the sum_amount is a decimal. However comparing the two in the test case work out slightly differently with exponents etc.

How do I properly assert that these values are equal with stretchr/testify?

E.g. here's the diff:

--- Expected
+++ Actual
@@ -4,6 +4,6 @@
    abs: (big.nat) (len=1) {
-   (big.Word) 6
+   (big.Word) 6000
- exp: (int32) 3
+ exp: (int32) 0


  • An alternative to decimal.Decimal.Equal that may work for most cases and still yields an informative error message when the assertion fails - is comparing the string representations of the expected and asserted decimals:

    require.Equal(t, decimal.NewFromFloat(6000.00).String(), sum_amount.String())