gotoxy command got skipped in pascal

I'm working on a school assignment. In line 87 and down, the gotoxy didn't work but the code does. Here's the cropped part of the code.

gotoxy(32,24); write(' _______________________________________________ ');
gotoxy(32,25); write('|                 PESANAN ANDA                  |');
gotoxy(32,26); writeln('|_______________________________________________|');
gotoxy(20,27); writeln('     ', nama,' ');
gotoxy(20,27); writeln('     Rp.', jumlah,',-');
gotoxy(20,28); write('     Porsi: ');
gotoxy(20,28); writeln(porsi2);
gotoxy(20,29); write('     Jenis: ');
gotoxy(20,29); writeln(lokasi);
gotoxy(20,30); write('     Total: ');
gotoxy(20,29); writeln('Rp.', total,',-');


When I compile and run the program, the bottom part looks like this.

I've been searching for a similar problem with its solution in this and other forms and I didn't get the answer.


  • If you

      write(ScreenWidth, 'x', ScreenHeight);

    you'll probably see 80x25. A gotoxy() outside this range doesn't work as one might expect.