SAP Adobe Forms Error: No Layout Exists in Original Language

I am using TCode: SFP to create a Adobe Form

I am able to create a Form Interface and Form Context.

When I Check, Activate the form I get the error: No layout exists in original Language Could Not Start Layout Designer.

Looks like I need to install Adobe Document Services and SAP Adobe LiveCycle Designer.

Where can i download these from and can I get a document that helps me installing these successfully.

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  • To open Adobe Form, you need to install an extension. This can be downloaded from SAP's site, but you need to be an S-User to use it, otherwise you will not be allowed to open the page. Otherwise you need to install this extension: Adobe LiveCycle Designer

    Here you can find some info:

    But you can download it from here:

    Unfortunately, I don't know if it is available anywhere without SAP S-User.