How do I list the description of a clearcase file?

I know that I can list all files I have on the "MyBranchName" with the following command:

cleartool find . -cview -type f -branch 'brtype(MyBranchName)' -print

But I need to know the description / (or comment if you want) of the files which you can set when you do checking-out or checking-in . Is there a way to do that too ?

I already searched for the internet after a solution, but couldn't find it. I start to think that it isn't even possible.


  • The cleartool describe command should be involved here.

    With Linux (or Windows Git bash shell), you might consider:

    cleartool find . -cview -type f -branch 'brtype(MyBranchName)' -print | \
       xargs -I {} cleartool describe -fmt "%n: %c\n" {}

    But using cleatool find -exec should be more efficient:

    I mentioned before:

    cleartool find -avobs -branch (brtype<BRANCH>) -version "lbtype(<LABEL>)" -exec "cleartool describe -fmt \"%Xn : %u\n\" \"%CLEARCASE_XPN%\""

    In your case:

    cleartool find -cview -branch 'brtype(MyBranchName)' -exec "cleartool describe -fmt \"%n : %c\n\" \"%CLEARCASE_XPN%\"

    Linux syntax:

    cleartool find -cview -branch "brtype(MyBranchName)" -exec 'cleartool describe -fmt "%n : %c\n" "$CLEARCASE_XPN"'