DialogFragment exit animation showing empty white screen

I have a DialogFragment with this code in order to animate when it exits:

override fun dismiss() {
       exitAnimation?.let {
            val animation = AnimationUtils.loadAnimation(requireContext(), it)
            animation.setAnimationListener(object : AnimationAdapter {

                override fun onAnimationEnd(animation: Animation?) {

        } ?: callDismiss()

    private fun callDismiss() {

exitAnimation defaults to a slide out animation.

However I noticed that it won't always show the back fragment, I have certain path of screens where no matter what I do, it seems to always shows a background white screen when animating instead of the backward fragment.

I don't know if this is because I have something like:

A B C D, where D is the DialogFragment, but A B C are part of a NavigationController / NavigatorFragment and D is not part of the navigation graph and is started from a FragmentTranscation from C's parentFragmentManager

I have tested in several ways, like sending the activity's supportFragmentManager but it seems that white screen is always visible.

I want the background fragment to be visible as when using the same fragmentmanager.


  • Ok I just needed to make DialogFragment window transparent background.