Fullcalendar 2.3.1 agenda display overflow

I am trying to use Fullcalendar 2.3.1 and would like to ask for help in controlling the display of the timeslots. Specifically I am using the agenda views for both days and weeks. I have the minTime option set at '08:00:00' and the maxTime option set at '17:00:00' and all that works fine. I am trying to stop the area past 17:00 from showing (i.e., past the double line).

I have tried to find the css that controls where the agenda display stops but can't find it. I have adjusted the .fc_slats and fc_time_grid values so that the area at the bottom is much smaller but I'm guessing that there is some parameter that one can use to stop that bottom space from being displayed at all.

Any help will be most appreciated, and thank you in anticipation.


  • All the sizing options available through the API are listed at (v3 and v2 have the same API, so the docs for them are the same). I think you can also affect things by changing the height of the container element in which the calendar is situated (if any).