How to activate Google Maps on android

I have an old java android project with simple using of google map for allocating some store locations . the map fragment stopped working on new android version showing blank page while working on older versions like android 9 or older ..

I tried to activate the Google Map API from Google Cloud it says that I need to purchase the service does it no longer available for free ? and if so is there any way of activating it with out baying the service? any help appreciated thanks ..


  • Google Maps Platform is now has a pay-as-you-go billing model which means that you are charged for how many requests/map loads you make.

    You will need to set up billing:

    Once you've done that you can create or connect a project to the billing account:

    You can then create an API key using the steps in the link above.

    You will have $200 of maps monthly credits each and every month to use before you are charged:

    Please take a look at the pricing of the SKUs here:

    You can optimise your usage, set budget alerts or set daily caps on your APIs, check this optimization guide out:

    Don't forget to secure your API keys too:

    Android SDk map loads are free unless you are loading the Maps JavaScript API or using a MapID for styling the Map:

    So, you can set daily quota limits so that you can't go over the $200 maps monthly credits and then you won't be charged for the usage, it will instead return errors.