Racket : Run scheme file in terminal and show result

I need to run a basic Scheme script and get his output. Let's take this example : 


(define square ( lambda (x) (* x x)))
(square 3)

And when I run racket -f test.scm, I didn't get the result of (square 3)

How can I run the file and get return values displayed as is the case when I wrote it in the interactive mode.

(I can run racket with -i but I don't want to call my functions each time I run the script) Thanks !


  • Racket and it's non Scheme language #lang racket prints the result of all top level expressions unless it is the same object as when evaluating (void).

    If you look at the guide you'll see that you can simply just supply the file path as an argument without swicthes:

    racket test.scm # prints "9\n" and exits

    And Bob's your uncle