FullCalendar v6 eventContent interferes with dayMaxEvents

I am in the middle of upgrading from FullCalendar v3 to v6. I noticed that it now has an overflow feature, specified with the dayMaxEvents + dayMaxEventRows options.

However, I also need to override eventContent() to inject additional elements into the event text, and for reasons unknown, whenever I have the eventContent() callback specified, the overflow link will never appear and the events will overflow out of the cell.

Is there something specific I need to do within eventContent() to be compatible with dayMaxEvents, or is this a bug I should file with FullCalendar?

Also - as a side question - what's the difference between the dayMaxEvents and dayMaxEventRows options? I can't tell from reading the docs.

Here's what the calendar looks like with the eventContent() callback commented out:

Calendar with no custom content and overflow link visible

And here it is with our custom content enabled (the yellow dot on one event):

Calendar with custom content - events overflow out of the cell


  • Leaving this here in case it helps somebody someday:

    I also stumbled across a similar problem: my events were never hidden under "More" link when using a custom component for an event.

    What helped: I set min-height equal to the height of my custom Event component on the .fc-daygrid-event. My guess is that it helps the library to calculate the height of the events list correctly and decide whether it should hide some events or not :)