Fullcalendar 6 - rendering days and week days as links by default

It seems that days and weekdays are rendered as links by default (e.g. <a>{dayContent}</a>). Any way to disable/control this and have them rendered as <div> or <span> for example?

Things I tried:

  • dayCellContent: only changes the content, but it's still wrapped by <a>
  • navLinks = false (default value), indeed clicking on days doesn't change the view (no navigation) but days are still rendered as links

In case it matters, I'm using @fullcalendar/react


  • You could use dayHeaderDidMount from the Day Header Render Hooks feature, which gives you full control to set the inner content of the table cell however you like.

    Here's a trivial example (using vanilla JS, since I'm not familiar with React, but the basic principle is the same):

    dayHeaderDidMount: function (arg) {
      arg.el.innerHTML = arg.text;

    Live demo: