progressr problems on shiny app running on EDP server

I´m running a shiny app on an EDP server with the rocker/shiny:4.2.2 image. The shiny app uses several future.apply funcitionalities and shows progress by a progressr progress bar.

    message = "Collecting results ",
    detail = "initialization",
      p <- progressor(steps = 100)
      counter = 0
      while(counter < 100){
        p(message = "searching")

The progress bar is working really good with different future::plans (sequential, multisession, multicore) on my local machine but is not running on the server. The server just shows the "initialization" part of the progressr function during the whole while-loop but not the "searching" part.

Session info shows same versions of all used packages including R-version.

Seems to be a problem with the progressor() but not with the withProgressShiny() part.

Any suggestions how to solve the problem?


  • I found the solution to my problem in the fundamentals of progressr package:

    R session on EDP Server was non-interactive so


    The progressr package needs an interactive session by default. By actively setting

    progressr.enable = TRUE 

    in the R options for the image I overcome this problem and everything worked fine.