PowerBI Report Builder - Number Formatting Issue (negative rounded zeroes)

I am stuck trying to format rounded zeroes in PowerBI Report Builder.

If the number rounds to zero but is less than zero then I want to show the zero in parenthesis, however I can't seem to do this.

ie; -0.1, formatted to 0 dp shows as 0, not (0)

I tried using standard formatting approach... #,##0;(#,##0);'-' I expected this to show (0) as per MS Excel.

I also experimented with using expressions but could not seem to get the desired outcome.

P.S: I have set font colour using an expression so I know the values are definitely below zero.


  • It's a bit untidy, but this should work..

    Set the format expression to

        Fields!num.Value >=0, 

    Here's the result (in the last column)

    enter image description here