Bundler cannot find platform specific gem

I am completely new to Ruby and tasked to revive an old Ruby project. I tried looking at a Gem file and removed all version restrictions from it. When I do bundler install the first problem I run into was

Could not find gem 'rails x86_64-linux' in any of the gem sources listed in your Gemfile.

I was able to

gem install rails

Just fine, so why is bundler trying to get rails x86_64-linux? How can I avoid that?



  • As it was asked above, depending on how old are things and what's your goal (for instance, migrate to newer versions of things), you may want to do it gradually. In that sense, you could try to isolate the "old" architecture in a Docker image (see here) and try to modify small things from there.

    In a Docker container, you'll be able to use the "old" architecture, prepare version changes gradually and test the system locally.