Skimage random_noise : can't use "var" parameter

Skimage documentation includes a "var" parameter, but when I try to use it noise_image = random_noise(image, mode=chosen_noise_mode, var=0.1) I got the following error:

var keyword not in allowed keywords []

The error seems to make sense but it's on the documentation so i'm a bit confused. Can anyone help ?

reproducible example:

from skimage.util import random_noise

image = cv2.imread("my_image.jpg", flags=cv2.IMREAD_UNCHANGED)

# as skimage and cv2 have different encoding formats:
image = img_as_float(image)
noise_image = random_noise(image, mode=chosen_noise_mode, var=0.1, mean = 0)


  • If you want pass any/both of var then or mean your mode must be 'gaussian'

    random_noise(image, mode='gaussian', var=0.1)


    # because mode is gaussian by default
    random_noise(image, var=0.1)

    if mode is not 'gaussian' then don't pass any of var and mean

    random_noise(image, mode=mode)

    Refrence: source code