How to check if PUSH notifications are enabled for my MAUI app on the device (Android, iOS)

I am developing an application on MAUI, I use Firebase for PUSH notifications. I was wondering how on startup it is possible to check if the user has disabled notification permissions or not for Android and iOS?

I searched for information, but did not find anything specific. I would be grateful if there is any documentation or samples regarding my question

Upd: Found this article and redid the notification check with it


  • According to Available permissions, the Permission for Notifications hasn't been added to the Permissions in .NET MAUI.

    And there's a feature request: Permission for Notifications #12291 that being tracked in the link below, you can follow up there.

    If the Permission for Notifications has been implemented in .NET MAUI, you probably can check the current status of it by below code:

    PermissionStatus status = await Permissions.CheckStatusAsync<Permissions.Notifications>();