Can't select python3.10 interpreter in PyCharm in Ubuntu23.04

Ubuntu23.04 has python3.11 as a default ver. I needed python3.10, but deadsnakes doesn't have the release file for Ubuntu23.04, and clear installation with sudo apt install python3.10 has no installation candidates. So, i've decided to compile the python by myself.

After compiling python3.10 from source it has been installed in usr/bin/local. I've added this path to :PATH var and also added python3.10, located in usr/bin/local, to the system interpreter alternatives (I din't change default python, as long as it's critical for some Ubuntu23.04 tools, like apt).

After all of this manipulations i can call the interpreter with python3.10 -V as example.

But, when i'm trying to select the interpreter in PyCharm, i select the path to freshly created venv, but, PyCharm just drops the process. It's hard to explain, so, there is the screenshots.

enter image description here Here^ i'm selecting the interpreter in freshly created venv with installed dependencies.

But when i try to add the interpreter, nothing happens and selected interpreter even doesn't appear in the interpreters list... enter image description here

But, i can run the project via using command line (with pre-activated venv ofc) with venv/bin/python3.10 and it works.

What have i done wrong and how can i use python3.10 in Ubuntu23.04 seamlessly, alongside with python3.11?


  • The problem solved after contacting with IntelliJ support team. They found out that my selected interpreter path and path from IDE logs were different. I think, that the problem was caused by kinda invalid renaming the folder.

    So, the main idea is here. You should restore default IDE settings, by File | Manage IDE Settings | Restore Default Settings. That solved the problem for me. Thanks to IntelliJ support team.