UPBGE 0.3 Saving file in VScode doesn't reflect the blender project anymore

I've been developing a game in UPBGE for a while now using Components and everything has been okay. Until I managed to change something that is really annoying. Typically I code in VSCODE and save my files there then I run my game and all is well... except now when I run my Game I realized my files are only saved in VScode and not in Blender, at least when I run my code it doesn't reflect my changes.

I have to manually go into the text editor and save the file there as well, by updating it to reflect the changes made in VCcode in order to see my changes in game. This was not so before, does anyone know what I'm missing or went wrong?

Thank you.


  • So after I shutdown the computer and went to bed, the next morning when I turned on my computer it was all working again as usual. I realized that maybe there is some cache issue or something I don't understand but rebooting the computer fixed it.

    That's the best answer I have for my issue.