Yocto - Full implementation of "ip address" command

I have problem with yocto implementation of ip command. It seems to be significantly reduced in BusyBox implementation. I'm trying to install python software, that calls ip -json -det address. On standard Linux instalation this works as fine and returns valid json as response, but not in Yocto. What is the correct way to compile full version of ip to my Yocto image?



    1. Create a config fragment for busybox, for example called disable_network.cfg (the .cfg part is important). Its content should be 1 line: # CONFIG_IP is not set. Add this file to the SRC_URI variable using a bbappend. This should disable busybox's ip command.

    2. Then add iproute2 package to your image (IMAGE_INSTALL), this installs the full version of ip command.