Azure map style "blank" color change few days ago (changed to black to beige)

Azure map "blank" style map background color changed automatically to beige before that it's black its also got changed in azure map samples.


Please let me guide how I can change it to black.

I need only blank map not other style

I have also tried to change map div style as mentioned in Azure map documents

enter image description here

Also try to change in its js/ css .

Thank you in advance.

Regards, Nikhil Patel


  • certainly a regression in a recent style update that is gradually getting rolled out for some users using MapControl 2.2.5 or above. (The background layer has a non-transparent background-color), for now, the hotfix is possible via:

    map._getMap().setPaintProperty(map._getMap().getStyle().layers[0].id, 'background-color', 'transparent');