Redis for Local Testing using Java Jedis Client without a REDIS Server

I am pretty new to redis cache and trying to figure out a way to test my changes (Repositories) for redistribution locally. The idea is I do not have a redis server running locally, I do have it in my dev env but what I intend to have is the ability to run my redis code locally and when I save the data it gets saved to some in-memory db or somewhere else instead of redis DB which would let me test my logical changes. The issue is since I do not have redis locally (also it is not possible for me to have it on my local machine) my repository code doesn't work.

eg :

// Functional Logic // --> This would not work because repository itself isn't built as redis configurations don't work

I tried googling but I only find how to use redis for integration test . What I'm looking for is something similar to H2 DB that stores data locally.


  • There are a couple of options that you can try to run Redis Server locally:

    1. Install Docker and run the Redis pre-built image obtained from DockerHub
    2. If you have MacOS or Linux based local machine, you can easily install Redis Server distribution on it.

    Also, you can have a embedded Redis server running inside your main application similar to H2 DB that you are referring to. Please follow the link for the details about how to configure and customize embedded Redis server as per your local testing environment.