Delete All Vertex Classes on OrientDB

How do you remove all Vertex Classes on an OrientDB Server?
I'm cleaning up the graph-database for fresh imports with fixed and simpler names and properties.
I'm running an OrientDB with Gremlin Server instance since this would preferably be written in Gremlin, but SQL would work fine too.

OrientDB with demodb (root) user login

I'm running a OrientDB 3.2.18 GA Community Edition (April 13th, 2022) and using Apache TinkerPop 3. I've deleted of all the Vertexes / Vertices g.V().drop() and I can see how to 1-by-1 in SQL DROP CLASS [class-name], but I'm looking to delete multiples if not all.

I've tried internet-searching, looking around on Stack Overflow Q&As, and reading the documentation; but I haven't come across the information. I just don't know where to look, if the info's properly documented, or I just am not reasoning where the information should be right.


  • It's a bit janky but can get rid of these classes by:

    1. Shutdown the OrientDB-Server (Optional?)
    2. Navigate to ${OrientDB-Server Directory}\databases[Database-Name]
    3. Delete the Related Files
      1. rm -rf [pattern]

    Upon OrientDB-Server restart/refresh this will remove the Vertex-Classes.

    After cleanse