Why the OPTIONS(*TRIM) doesn't work as IBM says, what's missing here?

ctl-opt main(main);

dcl-pr main ExtPgm('TSTPGM');
  *n char(10) const options(*trim);
  *n char(10) const options(*trim);

dcl-pr ExecCmd Extpgm('QCMDEXC');
  Command Char(40);
  CmdLen  Packed(15:5);

dcl-s str0        Char(100) inz;
dcl-s $RRN        Packed(6);
dcl-s Command     Char(40);
dcl-s CmdLen      Packed(15:5) Inz(%Len(Command));

dcl-proc main;
  dcl-pi *n ;
    file char(10) const options(*trim);
    lib  char(10) const options(*trim);
  end-pi ;


    ExecCmd (Command: CmdLen);

end-proc main;

here is how the Command looks like

I'm expecting Options(*Trim) to trim the input parameters, file and lib so that I don't have to use %trim before building the Command string :|

Is this option quite unreliable to use or is there a limited setting this could be used in?

OS Details: I'm running 7.5 with TR1


  • As @nfgl points out options(*TRIM) can only trim a varchar field.

    Fix length char fields are always whatever length they've been defined so there's always padding if not filled.

    Additionally, given that this is *PGM source, I'll point out that if you intend to call the *PGM from the command line, simply changing parms to varchar won't fix the problem. The options() keyword functionality is actually implemented by the caller of the prototype procedure; not the callee.

    And given that the IBM i command line processor doesn't have access to the RPG prototype it's not going to know options(*TRIM) was specified.

    In other words, options() is useful only given an RPG caller since the RPG compiler generates the code required to support the functionality in the caller.

    A perfect example, you've got an RPG procedure calling a ILE C procedure that expects a C standard null terminated string. When you define the RPG prototype for the C procedure, you'd use const options(*TRIM:*STRING)

    And now that I've typed that last sentence, I realize it's the exception to the first one. :) When calling a C procedure const options(*TRIM:*STRING) would be used on char fields rather than varchar ones. An RPG varchar doesn't play well with C procedures as they don't expect the leading 2 or 4 byte length.